Working mother – kids benefit from having a working mothers

You may already be a working mother or you may be considering a job. Children whose mothers work may get along just as well as children whose mother do not work.


If a reliable and kindly persons is in the home to care for them while mother is away. It is also important that all the members of or other aspects family are in favor of mother’s holding a job.

What research says

Experts who are studied this subject have not found any clear connection between delinquency,poor school work or other aspects of children’s adjustment and that the fact their mothers do or do not work.

However, if you are forced to work against your better judgement (because you must earn money, for instance), and you continue to feel angry or worried about this, it had a bad effect on your youngsters.

Unhappy  and happy working mother

If you are unhappy in your job. Your unhappiness can affect that way you get along with your sons and daughters. On the other hand you enjoy your work your sense of contentment can make own life pleasanter for everyone.

Some mothers, however, who like their work, guilty because they enjoy so much. Neighbors and relatives, for instance. Criticized for not staying at home where they belong when mothers feel guilty this two can cause upsets in the children.

Husband’s attitude

Quite naturally , a husband’s, attitude about his wife’s work is important. When wives take jobs against their husbands wishes, or against their own wishes, trouble is apt to flare up on the home front. Ideally husbands and to take together about what both think is is the best plan.

The question is the substitute care for the children is a number-one consideration. Common sense and expert opinion point to the importance of good supervision for 6 to 12 year-olds when they out of school. A safe dependable plan is necessary, such as employing a kindly, responsible adult to always be with the youngsters when the parents are not at home.

Day care centers

Day care centers for the children of working mothers are available in same communities. Although most of the centers put their emphasis on care for preschool children, some run after school and summer programs for older ones.

If you don’t have to work full-time now, you might find it better, from every point of view, to stay at home either full or half time during what is, actually, a short period of your life. If you are most mothers. You will be less 40 when your youngest child is in high school. Then, still have twenty five years to be working mother and grandmother.

Father’s role

Fathers, too are faced with job decisions and how their employment affects the family. Some fathers eager to be good family supporters, work overtime day after day or take two jobs. Since fathers are important family members husbands and wives will want to think seriously together about whether having more time with father are more dollars will bring thee most happiness to everyone in the family.

Some husbands and wives arrange their jobs so that one parent or the other is always at home. This can be a good arrangement. On the other hand, if you both hold full time jobs at different hours of the day or night, they find that couple, they have far too little time together.

Then, there is the cost of not having so much time to enjoy your children. This middle year of childhood are, after all, few in number. When your youngsters become teenagers, they probably will be at home much less than they are now.