Animal bites – how to take care of your children from animal bites.

A little child is apt to treat a pet like a toy

  • Whenever a child is bitten by an animal (cat, dog, squirrel, bat or other), even if it is a family pet, he should be seen at once by a doctor.
  • Though the bite itself may not be cause concern, the saliva of the animal may contain germs including those of rabies (hydrophobia).
  • Frequently a booster shot for the tetanus is called for even if treatment for prevention of rabies is not. If you are unable to reach a doctor, check with your local health department of hospital.

Animal bites

  • It is important to capture the animal, alive is possible, so that it must be keep under observation for ten days. rabies will develop in that time the animal has the disease.
  • Every parent should make sure that own pets are vaccinated against rabies teach children away from the animals domestic or wild, those behavior seems strange.
  • Many dog bites and cat scratches, with their unpleasant aftermath of fear and pain, could have been avoided.
  • A little child is apt to treat a pet like a toy, with it regard for the animal’s feelings or instinctive responses.
  • Show your children how to care for pets, and not to abuse or tease them. try to avoid the combination of young dog or cat (under a year) and young child (under 3 years).