Your babysitter – important member to your baby and your family

The babysitter is an important member of most households these days.

Couples need to continue to enjoy community affairs and personal interests even after the baby is born.We know that everybody is happier if parents can go out with each other now and then.

Also, children are better off at home than being dragged around from store to store.

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Toddler and baby sitter should know each other

  • Regardless of how long or how often you use a sitter, she must be someone who can be trusted, it is best if you use the same or few persons.
  • Both sitter and children are more at ease when they know each other. When you hire anyone who will have more or less regular contact with your children, ask for reference and a current physical examination, including a test for tuberculosis.
  • The first time you ask the sitter to arrive well before you expect to leave, so that all can become acquainted.
  • Even if you expect the child to be asleep while you are away, toddler sure know the sitter.

Never surprise your toddler with new baby sitter

  • Both the child and the sitter will have a harder time because the child will be frightened by the stranger and your unexpected absence.
  • Such an episode can start persistence sleeping difficulties.
  • Once frightened, the child may waken crying night after night, or refuse to go to bed, until he finally becomes reassured that he can by the time a child is 2 or 3 , after he and the sitter have become old friends.
  • Toddler can be told ahead of time that you are going out, put the child to bed, and toddler will be able to remember that you will be gone.
  • Many young couples band together as a club to exchange sitting for each other.
  • A volunteer secretary keep track of the hours by the plan many different mothers and fathers may be used, but the problem presented by the changing faces will be offset, somewhat, because they usually have other contacts with the child and are also apt to be familiar with home routines.
  • Teenagers do a lot of baby sittings. They may or may not be experienced with the ways of young children and feel more confident if you take the time to show them how you feed, diaper, and care for your child.
  • Give full details abut the way you handle toddler
  • For that matter, any sitter, old or young, appreciates full information about your ways of doing things.
  • As the child grows older, your child is sure to announce mother always does it this way or mother lets me have that. If you give your way of managing toddler with your baby sitter then she will be able distinguish fact from the child’s understandable wish to try her out.

What baby sitter should know about toddler

baby sitter

Among the items a sitter likes know are;

  • Does the child except food or drink before before bed?
  • What time does he go to bed?
  • Is the supposed to have any medicine?
  • Should be have any medicine if he asks for it?
  • What is his favorite toy?
  • How do you arrange the covers?
  • Does he go to the bathroom during the evenings?
  • Where may he play—indoors and out?

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The sitter should have the following information;

  • The telephone number where you, or responsible person can be reached.
  • The telephone number where you, or some responsible person can be reached;
  • Telephone number of your doctor and the fire department.
  • How do regulate the beat are there any extra jobs you have in mind?
  • How about snacks, use of television or computer?
  • Do or don’t you permit the sitter to have companions?
  • What time do you return.
  • If you are to be delayed more than fifteen minutes phone.
  • People who are otherwise conscientious about promptness are frequently careless in their commitments to sitters.