Shyness in kids – Tips to parents how to overcome

How to overcome shyness in kids – Tips to parents

Where does shyness comes from

Shyness is pretty common. It was estimated that between 20% – 45% of children will have shy personalities.

According to research, shyness is genetic and it will be in their genes. Shy children are just born that way. We cannot blame ours genes all the time, negative experiences also reason for shy nature of a kid. If your child’s shyness come on suddenly?  Some negative incident might have triggered it, and as a parent you need to help getting past it.

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Child watching television requires management – few tips to parents

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    Child watch television due to the combination of sound, light, and movements which make them to stick to television sets. As the child reaches kindergarten age, child may want to stay watching television longer, and be more completely absorbed. At an earlier age child stayed near the TV set but continued to play off and on with his tracks, blocks or dolls. Now child understands/misunderstands better what he child sees. So the content of the program becomes a deep concern to thoughtful parents.

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