Child discipline – customize the rules based on your child attitude

Understand your child attitude

  • Some youngsters are easier to discipline and guide than others.
  • This depends partly on what kind of person your child is.
  • It sometimes depends on whether you have a son or daughter. Boys generally tend to become somewhat more rebellious than girls.
  • It also depends on the age of your child. 6 and 7 years old are still quite dependent on their parents are likely to believe that mothers and fathers are likely to believe that mothers and fathers are mostly right.

child discipline

  • As your child gets older, he may question your discipline more often.
  • This is largely because he has encountering different customs outside his home, and also because he wants to prove his independence from his parents.
  • The whole matter discipline get pretty wearing at times.
  • Some parents, discouraged by struggling with their children are tempted to surrendered to them.
  • Other parents underplay discipline because they believe that children thrive of self expression. And some unsure of what they think, find it hard to take a stand and hold to it despite the effort.

Good discipline does pay excellent returns

  • Children do need to express themselves but they also need to have limits on this freedom.
  • Father and mother need to establish family rules together, to discuss these rules with their youngsters, and to be prepared to stand by them.
  • Children who are given almost complete freedom to be themselves often grow up to be charming, creative friendly people. But they may also become irresponsible, lazy, and self centered.
  • This is usually as hard on them as it is is on other people, partly because they will find themselves disliked and unwanted in most groups.
  • On the other hand, youngsters who who are cramped by too many rules and too much pressure for hard work may grow up to be dull, timid, and afraid to think for themselves. On they may rebel and “run wild.”

Discipline requires rules

  • Your child requires a middle-of- the-road approach in this matter of discipline. Some rules are good but not too many of them. You can hold him to important ones.
  • Children like to know reasons for rules they like to discuss the pros and cons and to have a part in making them.
  • You may find that your youngster make some excellent rules when you give him a chance to suggest them, although you have the final say.
  • You will find it helpful to talk over practical matters of family does and doesn’t with your youngsters.
  • As they get older, children grow up out of some rules and into others. All kind of daily details change with your changing, child.
  • He continues to need limits, but these limits need to be adjusted his growing skills and interests.