How to deal conflicts with neighbor kids

child quarreling

Make sure that children know that you are watching

  • Some days children in a family do not get along at all. Neighborhood play does not always go well either, and loud shouts and cries pierce the air.
  • When a child shouts or cries “ what can I do now, mommy?” it rarely means he/she does not have toys a plenty. Also if you do think up something fun for him to do, he/she is apt to turn it down. Behind this plea lies a hidden request.
  • When quarreling and fighting break out it is well to look carefully at the situation. You may feel that you have spotted the troublemaker right off and know just what to do send him home or off to his room if he is yours.
  • But this is not necessarily the best way to handle it. Instead of fixing blame on somebody, try to get the children to work out a solution, frequently, their ideas are much more fair and their their understanding of each other’s motives more correct than ours.
  • Quietly join the group, your presence alone may clear the air, you may suggest a new game or see further possibilities in the old one, how about that train over there doesn’t it need a station?.
  • If you fail into the habit of playing referee, quarreling may increase as children try to use you in order to get even with each other. of course, you will want to protect any child from overwhelming odds, but if you are constantly being a peacemaker you may need to try withdrawing.