Child watching television requires management – few tips to parents

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    Child watch television due to the combination of sound, light, and movements which make them to stick to television sets. As the child reaches kindergarten age, child may want to stay watching television longer, and be more completely absorbed. At an earlier age child stayed near the TV set but continued to play off and on with his tracks, blocks or dolls. Now child understands/misunderstands better what he child sees. So the content of the program becomes a deep concern to thoughtful parents.

Surveys show that children spend astonishing amount of time glued to the television. They get tuned according to the environment, they grow in. So, as a parent, observe how you are spending your leisure time.

Few tips to parents
  • Parents have to know how much time the child is spending with TV by actually keeping track of it. Carefully watch the programs the child selects, not everyday perhaps, but often enough to form an opinion. As you talk over programs you can help the child begin to make judgement on their value.
  • Talk over the plans for the use of TV with the children. Be resourceful not flat footed about reminders. you can suggest “ time to go outdoors to play now“. If the child resists, you can help your child to deal with their momentary disappointment.
  • First parents should observe themselves, how they are spending time at home. If parents are watching most of the time, then it is difficult to change children.
  • It is better to avoid this situation rather than looking for alternatives. In the leisure time, make a habit of sitting together and talking about the experiences of the day, instead of watching TV. Remember, children are so tender and they get tuned according to the environment.
  • Avoid watching TV while eating food.
  • Children rarely stick to the TV, if there is a neighbor to play or toys to tamper.
  • Spend good quality time with your children. Whenever possible, take your children to a long walks and explain to them what they see on the way. Sharpen child’s powers to observation by pointing out the differences and similarities in animals and plants, cars and trucks. you have to read him/her books.
  • Make sure your child doesn’t watch the TV in late night. Good amount of sleep is necessary for the healthy growth of the child.