Your child with neighbourhood – Good and not so good or friends

People outside will become more important to toddler

  • Although your particular child will approach his social life in his own way, people outside his will become more important to him as he gets older.
  • He will probably become more deeply attached to best friends, and be more so active shout them.
  • Your 6 to 8 year old is most likely to select his friends from the immediate neighborhood.


  • As interests and acquaintanceship expand, he may choose his pals from his school or club groups friends who live miles away from your home.
  • You may feel concerned because you don’t know their parents. If your child feels strongly about wanting to spend time with this faraway pal, it may be wise to arrange get acquainted visits between the the families.
  • It is sometimes hard to realize how much these childhood friends can to your child.
  • In time, however, one child may stand out because it seems as if every time he and your child play together, explosion occur, it is natural, under such circumstances, for you to decide that this companion should be barred. This may or may not cure the problem.
  • Your child may be just as mischief prone as his friend. Children are rarely made bad by bad companions.
  • If your child frequently gets into difficulties when he plays with certain friends. You may find that you can shield them both by seeing to it that they have plenty of approved, but exciting, things to do many young mischief makers are merely highly active, imaginative youngsters.