Your child and friends – Guiding them with positive discipline


Prepare ground rules for your child and friends

You will need spell out some ground rules regarding activities for your child as well as child’s friends and see to it that these rules are obeyed. If you can do with a calm light, friendly touch, you are apt to be especially successful in keeping their good will as well as holding their behavior within bounds.

Be a good supervisor

Being a good supervisor of youthful activities does not always turn the trick. It is likely that in your neighborhood, as in most, you will have at least one youngster who always seems stir up. When another child’s behavior extremely troublesome, you may decide that simply must forbid your child to play with him. Often however, your is of his own accord, decides that this difficult youngster is simply not for him.

When child misbehaves


If you feel that a particular child is behaving badly because he has certain certain kinds of problems rather than because he wants to be bad., It may seem to cruel he ban from his friendship with your youngster. However a really difficult boy or girls need help of trained specialists. In extreme case you may be forced to keep seriously unmanageable youngsters away from your own.

Your child learns from his/her friends

Your child learns much about how to be a boy, or a girl, from his friends. Before your child is 8, he is apt to play happily in a group of boys or girls after the age of 8, however, it is sometimes hard to believe that boys and girls have any feeling at all for the opposite sex other than one of scorn.

This seeming scorn for the opposite sex is more likely to be a beginning attraction between boys and girls. Since they don’t know what to do about this new turn in their lives. They escape to the familiar comfort of their own sex where they can freely talk about the mysteries of other, with their own sex, moreover they can practice the art of making and losing friend without losing too much of their pride in the bargain.

Opposite sex friends

opposite sex attractions

If your child prefers playing with members of the opposite sex, this may be perfectly natural behavior. He or she may live in neighborhood that is mostly one sex so far as the youngsters are concerned.

Your athletic little girl may have more need for exercise than is true of most other little girls. Perhaps at this particular time she had interests which are more like those of boys than girls or perhaps worships an elder brother whom she wants to imitate.

However your daughter seems deeply resent being a girl or your son being a boy, you may wish to consult a child guidance expert.

Although 8 to 12 year old boys are generally play with boys and girls with girls, most of them cherish a special fondness for a particular member of opposite sex. This fondness is often kept a secret from his parents and other adults, especially youngsters get to be 9 or so.

Your child has lot to learn about along with the opposite sex through day by day work and play with both boys and girls, he is slowly gaining knowledge that will help him during the dating, courtship, and marriage days that lie in the future.