Helping your toddler to establish routines

Helping toddler to establish routines

Through the routines of the day such as feeding, toilet training and play give the child his first lessons in how to behave. Thus begins discipline, yet it has to do with obedience or disobedience than with patient teaching.Life with a toddler a compromise between his fierce desire to manage everything and your good sense what is harmful to him or to others.

managing toddler

When a child adjusts to your wishes. He exchanges some his strong ideas for your lining approval, he exchanges some of first business deals. He behaves to suit you because he values you and depends upon you.

Later his behavior will be geared to enlist the approval of friends upon, teachers, and others, but right now his parents are all.

Expect little from your toddler

It is easy to expect too much of toddler. Everyone wants to adjust the world to fit a baby. But as soon as the child begins to walk and talk, people tend to forget how immature he is, despite these impressive abilities, and they expect too much. Especially unfortunate in this regard are children who happen to be unusually big for their age.

Those responsible for a toddler’s well being have to strike a delicate balance. They need to anticipate dangers, and see that he gets sufficient rest so he does not add fatigue to his immaturity.

Most difficult of all, they have to give him enough freedom that he does not become entirely dependent on the them or rebellious about restrictions.

Parenting tips

managing toddler

Repeated routines

The way you handle him will determine whether he can retain his vigorous sense of power or will emerge with feelings of doubt about himself.

Keep life from the repeated routines of the day, a little child learns to trust in the world and feel able to produce what is expected of him.

Remove knick – knacks and breakables you cherish. They can be brought out again when the child has more control of himself.

Mothers who can accept the child’s plodding help in taking items in and out of the basket seems to fare better on marketing trips than those who try to keep their helper from touching.

A lightweight stroller will keep the toddler from touching any thing. A lightweight stroller will keep the toddler confined. Some mothers like harness as a way to give a child some freedom within safe radius.

Actions speak louder than words to your toddler

If you begin to do things you want done, he will often go along while muttering. Doing some thing is what he likes best not doing is hard for him.

The words you use should be simple and clear. Long speeches confuse him. For example say “now, your boots” is a short way to phrase “have to wear your galoshes because it’s is a short way to raining”.

Stand beside the child, or kneel to be at eye level. This puts you on a more equal basis and you are not so apt to shout when confronted with the solemn, steady gaze of a toddler.

Teach him the meaning of ‘hot’, ‘hurt’,’tastes bad’ rather than just saying “don’t or no”.

Try whispering your suggestions from time to time. he will whisper back enchanted with the air of mystery, and often is astonishingly cooperative.