Family time with your children – things to focus

Importance of Family time with your children

Family time with your children 6 to 12 year-old can also have fun at home. Popular activities usually include your child’s drive to make things, to develop new skills to have hobbies, and feel close to family members.

Family time with your children

Reading books

Some families read aloud together, there are books short stories and poems that appeal to persons that appeal to persons almost any age. You might also ask your librarian for suggestions.

Along with the enjoyment that families can find in sharing a good book goes the extra dividend that “read to” youngsters are likely to become good readers.


Then there is family music. It isn’t always much to listen to but it is usually great for performers. Not all special events or family activities need to include everyone; it is good idea for each child to have his special times alone with both parents or one parent.

This gives a chance for another kind of important closeness. And the expressions of particular interests that not everyone in the family may enjoy.

Watching television, movies, and comics

You may question the quality of some commercial entertainment and with good reason. Many parents worry about how some movies, comics, TV, will affect their children.

child watching-tv

  • Your own 6- to 12 year-old is apt to be enthusiastic looking, listening, and comic reading addict. His interests in these activities are likely to reach a peak when he is around 10 years old. Within three or four years, he will probably become considerably less enchanted with them, especially if he is getting along successfully in school.
  • TV is not likely to hurt a child’s eyes if sits in a somewhat but not completely, darkened room, not too close to the screen. Nor does it necessarily interfere with with his school work. Especially if rules are observed about finishing homework first.
  • Younger boys and girls who look at TV a great deal often have an unusually large vocabulary when they enter the first grade, but children spend little or no time watching TV soon catch up.
  • It is unclear as to whether TV, movies and comics are harmful effect on children. No study has proved that these “mass media” in themselves, cause young youngsters to have adjustment problems or to become a delinquent.
  • Recent research however, does suggest that many programs give a false and lovely simple picture of life the best protection against such false ideas is the standards a child learns from his parents.
  • How a child reacts to these programs depends on his particular makeup, previous experience and information, the beliefs and values that are already a part of him.
  • While TV viewing does not in itself seem to cause a youngster to have adjustment problems are become a delinquent, it is possible unsupervised viewing can deepen or stimulate an expression of the problems the youngsters already has.
  • Children who feel unhappy, lonely, are angry generally tend to look at more than do those are more satisfied with themselves and their lives.
  • The same is true of movies and the comics. It is good idea to try to help that such children find more active and creative and creative ways of finding relief from their feelings.