Toddler plays with everything to enhance imagination and creativity

Imaginative play

Through imaginative play, toddler learns how it feels to be something or somebody else. They expresses how they feels as a little persons in a world of a big people and strong forces.

They plays out real life roles, faithfully copying gestures and voice inflections; They releases angry or frustrated feelings, relives experiences which have been upsetting, mysterious, or enjoyable.

Toddlers are not aimless

Toddlers play has a purpose, even though it may not be clear what they had in mind or just what they are accomplishing? what does toddler learn as they plays?

Toddlers first learns how to manage his body

To shove and push, lift and threw, climb and jump, pinch and squeeze, poke and break off.

Awkward and clumsy at the beginning. Toddlers learn to guide their arms and legs and trunk, then their fingers and hands, effortless performances by the time they reach the age of 4 or 5.

Toddler must find out how things work

They go, what fits into what. They must try out everything they sees others doing be it sleeping or cooking, cutting the grass, or fixing the car.

Enhancing imagination of toddler

Gradually a new element appears a block of wood becomes a car, and the toddler makes convincing motor sounds. Kids circles, and drives in and out of traffic. They lines bits of cereal up to become marching men, they them self becomes a dog or an airplane.

In most children’s lives, such imaginative behavior begins around 18 months. the brighter the child, the more imaginative play increases rapidly to the age of 4 or 5 years, when it crowds out the world of reality.

A little child makes no distinction between work and play

Adults envy the way a child can lose himself in what he/she is doing. In a story, a toy the running of the bath water the dance of butterfly at the same time they become impatient that the child shows no sense of time (don’t know it’s lunch time) or annoyed when he finds it hard to tear himself away from whatever is so compelling.

Enhancing kids imagination

The toddler squats on the kitchen floor, amusing himself with a big spoon and pan. Toddler licks the metal, listens to the bag, polishes the rivets, puts the spoon in, tries to put the pan in the spoon, shoves it across the floor, turns it upside down to hide the spoon, finds the spoon again.

When toddlers find no fresh discovery, they will start all over again if other items are added sand water, pebbles, smaller toys clothespins, a lid, more spoons, other pains. Toddler hits on new possibilities and masters the old tricks then they trots off, finished.