Importance of Dad role in parenting



The reason for importance of father role in family life is stressed here is that he is sometimes overlooked as being necessary to his family in matters other than earning a living.

Fathers and mothers apt to go about the job of “parenting” somewhat differently. One reason for this is that they are usually different kinds of people to begin with.

Another reason is that men and women like boys and girls are likely to approach life differently. They might do this naturally but they have also been taught fathers should act certain way mothers in another.

Father generally have higher goals for their children. They are often more concerned about how well the youngsters do in school.

Generally father may expect more work and independence of their sons and daughters; especially their sons. A father is likely to feel a special bond with his son. He also wants him to be a success in a man’s world.

If a father sets high goals for his son but, at the same time. Gives him love without too much pressure he will of immense help to his boy . It is important a boy in his middle years to have a father who understands and is willing to give him a steady hand up the long hill to manhood.

Girls also get special benefits. A father shows pride in his daughter in an individual and as a girl, this promotes her feminine self confidence and self-respect.

father-role in family

Husband and wives really need each other as partners in family leadership, and companionship and guidance of both parents. The family circle is rough times if husbands and wives of and the other must lose or a debate in which one side is right and the other wrong.

This family circle will be smoother when husband and wife think of themselves as balancing each other as a pair of leaders, each with his different ideas, gifts, goals, and interests.

Husbands and wives often help each other in this matter. A father might more easily see how a mother behave toward the children they can, herself and vice versa.