How to help your toddler from being jealous of a new sibling

What is jealousy

Jealousy is one of the strong meanings which all of us have. It is provoked by any situation that appears to or actually does mean we have been left out.

When does a child feel jealous

baby jealousyA child may feel jealous when another gets what he/she considers to be his/her. One of the commonest times is at the arrival of new baby. Child feels anger and fear towards his/her parents for having let someone else take their place.

Fearing further loss, child dares not express his/her anger directly towards the parents. Therefore, child is apt to display his/her feelings to the baby, who stands between.

Child suggest to their parents return the baby to the hospital. He/she may decide if they are so eager to have a baby around, he/she will be one. So he goes back to baby toys, crawling, asking for bottle, wetting his pants.

Observe child behavior closely

Child may disguise his/her feelings completely in a show of love for the newcomer, hoping to win back the affection of the parent who has betrayed him/her.

But such strong feelings usually find another way to come out. Child may begin to have nightmares, dawdle over his/her food whine or cling, are give into sudden temper outbursts. Your kid may mistreat younger companions or animals, taking out on them what he/she had like to do to his/her mother or the baby.

Prepare your toddler to accept a new sibling

baby jealousy

  • Talk and plan with him/her about the baby to come, they themselves understand more fully what the older child is going to feel, whether he/her be the firstborn or one of several children.
  • Such preparation should not be started until the child asks about changes in his/her mother.
  • Give confidence to your toddler that he/she is the most important member in the family.
  • Never discuss anything about new baby in front of a toddler, he/she feel neglected.
  •  Make sure that your toddler routine is not disturbed.
  • Praise your toddler whenever he/she kisses or touches gently or tells stories to new baby.