Shyness in kids – Tips to parents how to overcome

How to overcome shyness in kids – Tips to parents

Where does shyness comes from

Shyness is pretty common. It was estimated that between 20% – 45% of children will have shy personalities.

According to research, shyness is genetic and it will be in their genes. Shy children are just born that way. We cannot blame ours genes all the time, negative experiences also reason for shy nature of a kid. If your child’s shyness come on suddenly?  Some negative incident might have triggered it, and as a parent you need to help getting past it.

Shy Kid

How to find if you child has shy nature

To be honest, shy nature is not a bad thing. They perform very well in studies, they are good listeners, good advisers, less trouble makers. They excel in arts and sports very well.

In some children, shyness is the sign of inner complications. This child is extremely shy, they withdraws from activities, avoids eye-to-eye contact and has a lot of behavioral problems. People surrounded by him will not comfortable in their presence. When you ask about their behavior, they respond with anger and fear instead of peace and trust.

Problem comes with shy kid when they have problem in the way of doing what’s normally expected, or when it’s making your child unhappy.  Seek psychologist advice if your child:

  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • Difficulty in making friends
  • Resist a lot for going to birthday parties or sports practice or weddings
  • Is nervous about being shy
  • Sitting quietly in his room

How to overcome shyness in kids

Social Life

  • One way to help with child with this surface shyness is to encourage him to give a party, in general, small simple parties lasting no longer than a few simple outdoor parties such as picnics, often work the best.
  • Although these things are not of first importance in making friends, they can smooth your child’s way in social life. When you teach him about right things to wear check on where he is going
  • Nearly all children want to look pretty much like the others in their group this is true of shy youngsters and especially true of older ones.
  • Most girls care more about how they look than most boys do. Within the limits packer book and and your own standards, you may be able and boost your child’s self confidence by paying attention to what other youngsters wear and getting generally similar cloths for him.
  • Let him do some of the chosen under your guidance. Of course,
    being good at games help, too.


Introducing your child with strangers

Before introducing you child to strangers, chat with your friend for a while. This makes your child feel comfortable and your child reassured and will be more likely to talk. Ask your kid to say hello, but if he won’t, don’t push too much. Speak after some time about why he felt uneasy.  Help your kid like practice handshakes, introductions, and exchange talks with his animals. This may take long time, so be patient and give your constant help to you shy kid.

Weddings and kids party

Talk about the event beforehand in simple terms, says Dr. Markway. If you’re planning to attend a wedding, tell your kid in advance, repeatedly show your excitement and tell that it is going to be fun. You can also show your marriage album and look at photos of family members he hasn’t seen for a long time.

At wedding place let your kid stay with you then gently tell your kit that he needs to sit at the kids’ table at dinner. Introduce your kit to other children, point out things they might have in common to get the ball rolling.

Express empathy.

Tell your kid that you can understand they’re feeling shy, and that you feel that way too sometimes. Share some example stories about times when you overcame your own shyness.


  • Another way to reduce your child’s shyness is to give him a chance to develop skill in games which are popular with other youngsters.
  • You can generally find out what games are the thing in your area simply keeping your eyes and cars open.
  • Naturally you would not force your child through a series of lessons in the various sports. Nor would you count on kills of this kind to make him a social whiz.
  • Unfortunately shyness is not always cured by surface changes. Some youngsters remain basically timid .
  • If this seems to be true of your youngster and if he appears to be unhappy about the situations, you may find approaches that helps.
  • Perhaps he needs more opportunities to talk over his feelings with you.. Perhaps be need more praise and without realizing it,
  • You have been a bit too strict with your discipline or have set overly high standards for him this can make him feel as it he never will amount to very much.

Simple Confidence Builders

Support your kid for develop more independent and socially active by having your kit practice these skills.

  • Answering the phone.
  • Placing order her/his food in a restaurant.
  • Giving money to the cashier at shops.
  • Inviting a friend to make a playdate.
  • Saying “please” and “thank you” to strangers.