Parents fight – your child forgive your mistakes

As parent and a family leader, you are human. At times, you may loose your temper and say and do many unwise things.

Even though you may know you being anything but a model parent, you can be swept away by your own feelings of anger or despair. Maybe you are tired or ill, or extremely worried.


Sometimes “everything is just too much”. All’s not lost if you lose your self control now and then.

Your children can forgive and forget your slips, if they don’t happen too often. It is very possible that your child may benefit a few parental mistakes. Children can find it mighty discouraging to have a perfect mother or father.

Your 6- to 12- year- old child can be real help to you on your “not too often” off-days. He is old enough to understand some of the pressures that bother you, as times goes by, your youngster should develop enough self control to understand to consider your situations as well as his own.

But it is dangerous to pile too many burdens on him. Much of his self-confidence still depends on believing in your strength. He still needs you you as a leader who is self-disciplined and who can help him discipline himself.