Raise your child emotionally stable

Emotional stability is crucial

  • Your child’s health as well as your own is also affected by feelings.
  • When a person is unhappy or worried, his body is less able to fight off infections.

  • Feelings of loneliness, fear and anger may be so upsetting that they bring about real physical pain, such as headache or stomach cramps.
  • The both physical and emotional sides of life are partners. Poor physical health can upset behavior and upsets emotions can undermine the body’s strength to fight disease.
  • For this reason, the general wall well-being the family member is promoted by a well balanced, daily combination of satisfying experiences and good physical care.

emotionally stable

  • It is important, however not to be too concerned along your child for miner aches, pains and emotional upsets.
  • Don’t take delight in the dramatic role to be fragile. If a child come to you with complaints you better act casually and stress on affection for him as person.
  • He will feel less need to be sick in order to find out how much you love him; he will probably discover just he can’t be bothered with illness he has your study love, friends, lot of satisfying play an absorbing hobby, and a zest for his living other hand,
  • If life seems to be a just one long, dull gray, day after another, full of failures and disappointments sickness can look like a wonderful escape.