Snake bite – First aid

Snake bite

Go to a doctor or hospital as quickly as possible if you suspect your child has been bitten by a poisonous snake. Unless you have had instruction in the use of a snake bite or venom kit you may do more damage than good by attempting to inject an antidote or use suction.


  • While waiting for the doctor or en route to the hospital. Apply a constricting band just above the bite to slow the flow of venom into the body. Watch it carefully, though, as swelling from the bite may cause to become too tight.
  • Keep the child quiet and soothe him.
  • Let the bitten limb hang down. Tick bite; most ticks are harmless, but some carry colorado tick fever or the more serious rocky mountain spotted fever.
  • Check children who live in a tick-infested area twice daily. Look for the ticks especially in hair and folds of skin. Remove ticks [from human or animals] with a tweezers.
  • He sure to get the head as well as the body. If it clings, loosen its hold by smearing it with grease, oil or turpentine.
  • Crush the tick flush it down the toilet, burn it, or drop it into turpentine. Clean the wound with soap and water or mild antiseptic.