Who will have study skill issues? Boys or girls.

The average boy usually has more trouble in school than the average girl. Boys usually develop more slowly than girls, especially in the skills that are particularly valued in school.


Understand the root cause of study skill issues

6 year old girls are generally better talkers than 6 year old boys. This tends to make it easier for them to learn to read and write. Also, their small muscles, which are so useful in reading, writing, arts and crafts, tend to be in more advanced stage than is true for most boys of the same age.

Boys have superior big muscles development and this is the fine on the playground, but in the usual classroom, the boy is apt to feel restless. He also is apt to feel inferior, because, in many ways, most of the girls are ahead of him.

In addition, the boy may have a women teacher who finds it hard to understand some of his masculine drives and behavior.

Boyish resentment is further fanned into flames when the boys are compared with girls or teamed up against them in contests that the males are sure to lose, such as spelling, singing and reading.

If a boy goes home and is scolded for having lower grades than his sister, his sense of inferiority and anger sometimes becomes unbearable. He concludes that school is for sissies and the athletic field is far “he-mean”.

Your son has more school problems than your daughter, this probably is not because he is less intelligent. Boys and girls are equal in their intellectual ability. But they are likely to be different in their special strengths and weakness.

Girls have accuracy in practical details

Girls seem to excel in practical details in accuracy, and in the use of language.

Girls generally like school activities better than boys do and are more at ease with school routines. They may get better marks and are commonly considered by their teachers are being better behaved.

Boys better at solving problems

Boys often are better at solving problems, especially when these problems involve the use of numbers or when these problems are mechanical in nature.

Some schools plan classroom experiences that particularly appeal to boys, puzzle solving, and so on.