Toddler early experiences have a lifelong effect – Your child needs a lot of assurance and love

Why early experiences do count

Early childhood experiences

  • The baby entering childhood is really at cross roads. If toddler continues to receive the warm assurance, they will grow more sure of them self.
  • If kid is pushed out faster than he/she is ready to go, they will always be little less confident and a little more dependent on others, than they might otherwise have been.
  • These early experiences have a lifelong effect. Even though the child doesn’t remember what actually happened, and lacks words to give it shape in their mind.

Toddler early experiences have a lifelong

  • Toddler learns that they can count on people or that they cannot; that he/she will be allowed to try things out or that he/she will be constantly thwarted.
  • These characteristic ways of looking at things tend to persist and become a fixed part of personality.
  • Many problems of the preschool years result from normal growth which pushes the child into contradictions within themself.

Early experiences childhood

Let us look at the toddler’s interests.
  • A serene cooperative stage will be replaced by one in which nothing seems to go smoothly.
  • Parents may find it hard to accept the changes in the child and mixed feelings may contribute to the child’s lack of balance.
  • If they do not understand the change of result of growth, they are apt to struggle unsuccessfully to keep the child as he was.
  • Even though they are proud their children can do more things, they naturally mourn the lost baby hook.
  • The contradiction within the toddler of the urge to be on his own and his increased awareness of his need for him too.
  • He cannot have both at once, gradually, he gives in a little at each end of his desire to be independent and dependent at the same but he is stirred up a big storm on the way.
  • Most of the rough in a day with a toddler occur over routines like meals, dressing, naps, going to bed.
  • You come into the closest contacts with the toddler’s efforts to balance his wish for independence with his need for continued close monitoring.