Toddler sucking thumb – it is a way of learning and exploring the surrounding environment.

Toddler sucking thumb re-creates the contentment of being held and fed.

  • Nursing from breast or bottle satisfies a deep need. A child who has not had to change to suck sufficiently he/she drinks milk may begin to suck the fingers, thumb or a blanket.
  • Some children suck such objects practically from birth nursing is more than just getting milk.

Thumb sucking

  • However, the feel of warm milk flowing into an empty stomach and the comfort of being cozily held bring emotional satisfactions as well. So started out to be a physical response soon carries deeper meanings.
  • In most cases, the child who is going to suck his/her thumb begins before they have been completely weaned.
  • If he has not started by then, probably wont accept for brief trials during a time of particular stress, such as the discomfort of teething, or when he wants to test how it feels in imitation of a thumb sucker.
  • Many children will give it up of their own accord by the age of 3 – 4 years. They outgrow the need for this type of comfort.
  • Occasionally a child will suck his thumb when he is tried or finds himself at loose ends, or feels/ temporarily unsure, at other times, he is his busy, sunny self.
  • A few children persist in sucking their thumbs long fast the age of 4. They may suck so vigorously and for such a long period that they push the roof of the mouth up and may change the position of the upper teeth such children usually show in other ways that they are unhappy or feel discouraged .
  • It works better to try to find out what what the matter is than to interfere directly thumb sucking. Splints, bad-tasting medicine, and mittens of being unloved.

Fear of germs

  • Parents who object thumb sucking may say that they are worried about germs, or that it looks babyish.
  • They may feel uneasy about the pleasure the child gets from his body.
  • Yet the germs a child will get from his thumb are no more numerous than more he gets in the natural course of his day. Remember, he is at the stage where he puts everything he can into his mouth.
  • It is a way of learning. If you object to the appearance, remind yourself that the child is, after all quite young thing and has years ahead of himself to look grown up.

Baby pacifier

  • Some parents prefer to give the young baby pacifier to give him all the sucking he needs.
  • While it seems like the same thing, pacifiers and thumbs are different. Unlike a thumb, a pacifier can get lost, or become weakened by using cause choking it bits are swallowed the wrong way.
  • If you decide to use pacifier, keep two or three parts on hand in case one becomes mislaid or worn out.
Problem with baby pacifier
  • One problem with pacifier is that parent may get the habit themselves. It is so easy to reach for it automatically at the first whimper.
  • They thus encourage the child to suck long past the time he might have stopped naturally. they need to be alert to little signs that the child is ready to give it up.