Toddler walk – Walking enlarges your toddler’s world

Walking enlarges your toddler’s world

The age at which children walk alone varies widely. On the road to walking, they learn to sit, supporting themselves with their hands on the floor or crib mattress, then briefly without support, and finally alone indefinitely.

toddler walk

  • They learn to move arms and legs together with swimming motions to propel themselves forward or backward creeping scooting or crawling.
  • Later they begins to pull up , stand with support, and then move about, still holding on.
  • The child who sat at an early age probably learn to walk early. Children tend to keep the same overall pace in their development. some are always quick, some slower at everything.

Generally toddlers begin walk at 9 to 10 months of age, it is common at 13 to 15 months.

  • The actual age depends on many things of the child his temperament how cautious courageous or timid and passive and his general body build. These might be expressed as what he inherits.
Give toddler lot of freedom in safe environment
  • Toddler daily life influences the age of walking as well nourishing food helps. So does an opportunity to kick and wiggle toes, to stretch and roll over unhampered by restrictive clothing.
  • As you encourage toddler, and provides a safe place for their natural urge to use muscles, you contribute later walking skill.
  • A child cannot be taught to walk until he/she is ready and when they gets ready, it is almost impossible to stop the kid.
  • He will speed most of his energy and time practicing. Once up he/she hates to get down or be put down at all. He springs to his feet in the morning and walk all day long, frequently fussing about being stopped even to eat.
  • After he is put to bed. he may struggle to his feet again. practically walking in his sleep.
toddler walk
Toddler hates to be stopped

Keeping up with a child at his stage can be strenuous. if you interfere with his upright posture, or with his movements he gives battle.

Kid hates to be stopped or laid down to be dressed. It requires strength and determination just to get a diaper changed.

To balance when toddler begins to stand and walk, a child plants his feet wide apart and bends his knees a little.

This tends to make him more steady. Kid’s feet are flat pads no noticeable at all their weight tends to fall on the inner part of the foot, so they may toe out.

Toddler body makes adjustments as well

His body makes other adjustments as well. The stomach becomes prominent and curve develops at the lower part of the back. The pelvis will be tipped forward.

The line of the upper back and head, however, is straight. Diaper gave toddler bunchy look. Precariously poised, kid can be knocked over with a feather.

Balance and coordination will increase to keep the child balanced

Balance and coordination will increase as toddler grows and uses their muscles.

By 6 years of age, the feet should point straight ahead, knock knees will have straightened out, and the foot no longer tilts.

Child posture will greatly changed. Now a days we place more value on natural development of good posture, rather than on teaching exercises or reminding the child to stand properly.

Good posture is the result of good nutrition
  • Plenty of fresh air and exercise.
  • Sleep and rest taken on a firm flat bed.
  • Special attention to rest after an illness.
  • Properly fitted clothes. check socks and shoes every few months for length.
  • Happy wholesome home atmosphere so that the child feels confident and loved, free to let himself go.