Types of intelligence tests most schools conduct during admissions

Most schools study each child in a number of ways to find out how to guide him, his parents and his parents, and his teachers in making the most of his educational experiences.

School Admission Entrance Tests

Intelligence tests

If your school gives intelligence tests, it is unlikely that you will be given your youngster’s exact score. You may be told that he has below average, good or excellent intellectual ability as measured by the test.

One reason that schools hesitate to give exact scores is that they can be misleading. Intelligence tests, especially group ones, do not always give accurate results. Also score may change from time to time as a child is tested over the year.

A good deal may depend on what test is used, how it is given and scored, a child state of health, and how he feel about himself and a school at the time he is tested.

Parents when have a strong feelings about intelligence and other tests. There is no much pressure to day for success in school that it is common for everyone concerned to put too much emphasis on score and grades.

When parents get overly worried about these matters, children are likely upset, too, upset children do not do not enjoy or make the most of their education.

It is more important for your child to be interested in what he is learning and to experience the joy of knowing that it is for him to get good test scores and honor grades.

Achievement tests

Your child’s measured intelligence is only one guide to his ability to learn in school. Other things, such as his interest in education, his health, and his self confidence, play a big part in what he can and will do at school.

You can find out a good deal about what your child has learned so far though the scores that he gets on achievement tests. Many schools give these after a child has finished one of several grades.

These tests are given in such fields as reading use of words, number reasoning, and so on.

Achievement test scores may be useful guide as to what kind of individual help your child may need, however the same warnings, given about how intelligence tests are used apply to achievement tests too.

Your child may need no help at all school progress if he gets average of better scores in achievement tests all may be well with his education, however, if his measured intelligence is high and his achievement scores are average or below, it’s worth trying to find out why.

Some very bright children coast along in school because they don’t have enough for them some do poorly because their parents push them too hard.

On the other hand, some children get higher marks on their achievement intelligence. There may be no reason to worry about differences of this sort unless your child seems to be working too hard and is anxiously pushing himself to be a school success.