Your child alone at home good too

Although you and your child share many activities, you don’t have to do everything together. Probably each member of your family will appreciate having some time to be alone.

child alone-at-home

How much aloneness needed

How much aloneness each person wants depends a bit on what is like as person.

Especially as your child becomes older around 10 to 11, he is likely claim more privacy for himself. His interest in being separate individual generally grow stronger. He also may develop a feeling of modesty about his body.

As his desire for “separateness” grows normally will want a room of his own. If you can’t arrange this, at least you may be able to give him a corner of a room that belongs to him.

Shelves, boxes, or chest of drawers that can hold his personal belongings are almost a must. One 10 year-old girl, driven to desperation by her prying young brother, like a little squirrel, dug  a hole in the backyard in which to hide her special treasure.

Mother and father need privacy, too, you need a time and place to be together as a couple separate from your children. Also, both of will want chance, sometimes to be completely alone.

All in all, family good times provide a rich, social diet for family members. But it needs to be balance with the simpler diet of two-by-towing or sometimes, even soloing.

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